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Katrina Halili

Katrina Halili has gone from childhood beauty pageants to “StarStruck,” the Philippine reality-based teen talent search show, and on further to a large number of films and serials. She has been nominated for numerous awards and honors for her roles, and her photos can be found on the covers of FHM Philippines magazine as well as several men’s magazines.

In January 4, 1986, Maria Katrina Irene Halili was born in Quezon City in the Philippines. She grew up in Palawan, an island province of the Philippines.

Although she spent her youth competing in beauty pageants, the direction of her career was changed when she auditioned for StarStruck. This television teen talent search has launched the careers of many of the Philippines’ top teenage actors and actresses, and the effect on Halili was no different. Although she was the only one not to audition at the studio, she still won a spot as a finalist.

Since then Katrina Halili has appeared and starred in many films and television series, and has posed for FHM Philippines magazine twice. FHM Philippines film critics placed her in highly three times on their list, and in 2006 she topped it. Since Halili’s star-studded StarStruck debut, she has appeared in a dramatic mini series, television dramas, teen romantic comedies, action and fantasy series, family television, a game show, reality TV, and several films of various genres. This busy actress performed in three movies and several television shows in 2006 alone, and her schedule for interviews and photo shoots were hectic as well. As if all that wasn’t enough work, Hallili has put together a collection of music videos on video entitled “Fantasies” with the starlet clad only in bikinis.

However, stardom doesn’t seem to have gone to Katrina Halili’s head. One of her goals in life is to have a happy family.

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Browse Pinoy showbiz celebrity by first name:
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